PPC Services

Ever wonder how search engine will display “sponsored ads” on their search results? These are normally Pay-Per-Click advertising, it can help business to connect to target customers and drive them to your business when they search on their mobile phones for related products & services.

PPC could be a cost-effective way to earn the top spot in search engine.

First Look SEO will provide you affordable PPC services to create the maximum exposure while staying within the budget of your monthly marketing spend.

Getting Started

At First Look SEO we are experts in all digital marketing platforms. With our certified Google AdWords, Bing Ads PPC specialist etc, we can ensure you have the results your company needs to grow.

Using PPC will be one of the most effective ways to drive more traffic to your business.

Google and Bing Ads Campaign Management

Getting the most out of your ad budgets requires our digital marketing specialist to:

  • Set up accounts

  • Design the ad based on your needs

  • Manage your paid campaign

Facebook Ads Management

Facebook ads are an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. There are no limits to your ad spend reach with Facebook’s BILLION users! Our digital marketing specialist will:

  • Target the right audience for your business

  • Design the ads with photo, video and slideshow

  • Set up the demographic, location, interests and behaviours